Tech Support Services

DavidHeadshot (1)I serve Punta Gorda and Charlotte County with on-site tech support and nationwide remote support. I depend on your referrals and repeat business, so I spend time to get to know you and your needs.

When you need quick help, I work with you remote over the internet. I also make house calls to your home or business and there are no travel charges for customers in the Punta Gorda travel area. Here are short descriptions of the most popular services:

Speed Up Your Internet

pexels-photo-271721Is your Wi-Fi running at full speed? Can you trust the online speed test? Are you being throttled? Whether the problem is your home network equipment or your internet service, I’ll test and isolate the problem. You deserve the speed you paid for, and I’ll make sure you get it by holding your internet company accountable.

Clean Up Your PC

pexels-photo-246340You bought a fast computer, why is it running so slow? Get the most from your investment with computer setup and cleanup services. A few simple tweaks can avoid an expensive replacement in many cases. If an upgrade is needed, I’ll advise for your purchase. As your consultant and trusted advisor, I do not sell any products or make any commissions on the products I recommend.

Protect Your Files

pexels-photo-117729If files don’t exist in three places, they aren’t safe. Make sure you have a live copy, a backup in your home or office, and an internet backup, safe from flood or hurricanes. Let me audit your backup systems and make sure you aren’t spending too much money for service, and more importantly – that your files are secure.

Photo Scanning Service

scanner-146465_640Your paper photos are fading away if not stored properly. Humidity, acid in the paper and sunlight damage your old photographs. I scan, enhance and color-correct them to stop the aging process. I can also digitally repair cracks and flaws in many cases. Share those photos online or on your TV for the ultimate slideshow. Throwback Thursday is more fun than ever.

Tips, Tricks and Tools

computer-2593921_640Learning a new feature on your phone can open up new opportunities. A new tool or website can save you hours, and maybe you didn’t know it even existed. Tech advice and consulting is David’s favorite part of the job. See his latest blog postings for new tips, tricks and tools to get the most from your computer, phone or tablet.