Systems Supported

Use the best tools for the job, including iPhone, Android, Linux servers, Mac laptops and Windows virtual machines.



tablet-pc-528464_640David has worked with Microsoft products since MS-DOS 1.0. Over the decades, there have been high and low points, but they have remained the market leader for home and business. Because of their large user base, Microsoft products are also a huge target for malicious software. Keeping them virus free is often a challenge. David has extensive experience in virus cleanup and techniques to protect Microsoft systems. If you have a problem with Windows, give him a call and check out the Windows tips blog.


macbook-apple-imac-computer-39284David began supporting Apple products in 2005, before the iPhone or iPad revolution. Many things have changed since then, and the MacOS and iOS systems plan to merge in the next couple years, so expect many changes. I continue to use Apple products daily to stay up to date and support you with the latest versions. Check the blog for many more tips and tricks.

Open Source

103px-Opensource.svgOpen Source software is popular for desktops and servers.

Both Facebook and WordPress run on Linux, using Apache web server, the PHP scripting language and MySQL database. Many popular applications like Firefox, VLC, GIMP and LibreOffice are also open source. Open source software is public. Anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance it. Some of the most popular websites run on open source software.