Systems Supported


Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system and I’ve worked on every version of Microsoft OS since MS-DOS 1.0. Because of the large user base, Microsoft products are a major target for malicious software. Keeping them virus free is often a challenge. I have extensive experience in virus cleanup and techniques to protect Microsoft systems.¬†


I use many operating systems including Apple MacOS. I’ve found it to be rugged and reliable. If you need help integrating your Mac equipment into a Windows network, I have solutions. Look for more tips and trick in my recent articles.

Open Source

Open Source software is popular for desktops and servers. Many of the most popular websites run on open source software including Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. Many popular applications like Firefox, VLC, GIMP and LibreOffice are also open source. Open source software is public. Anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance it.

If any of you are looking for tech support, we highly recommend David Finster! Yesterday he was able to resolve a challenging computer issue for us within 10 minutes, plus he's always a pleasure to work with. Thank you David!
Stephanie Cornelius
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