940-395-3085 | david@fortc.com | Punta Gorda, Florida 

Information Technology Generalist | Support Specialist | Technical Writer | Webmaster  

Technology professional with experience in training, support, consulting, sales and product development for business, residential and government markets. Best qualities include persistent troubleshooter, creative problem solver and quick adoption of technology.  


Platforms: Linux (desktop and server), Windows, MacOS, VMWare, VirtualBox.  

Cloud platforms: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure.  

Desktop Applications: MS Office, Google G Suite, Zoho Suite, QuickBooks, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, Libre Office, Slack, Wireshark, Git, Vagrant, Visio.  

Server applications: Apache, Asterisk, DHCP, DNS, MariaDB, MySQL, Samba, BASH scripting, WordPress. 

PSA Tools: AutoTask, ConnectWise Control, Naverisk, TeamViewer. 

Languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP 

Medical Imaging: Conquest PACS, dcm4che, DCMTK, eFilm, Horos, OsiriX.  

Veterinary Practice Software: AVImark, EDMS, EDSI, WiseOption Ranch Manager.  

Library Management: CASSIE, Deep Freeze, Destiny Library Manager, Evergreen ILS. 


Self-Employed – 2004 to Present 

Significant Projects 

OTech, Inc. – a world leader in PACS, DICOM and HL7 Training & Certification. These products were core pieces of their training delivery catalog and used for many years.  

  • Designed and supported the virtual hospital student training lab using a combination of on-premise VMWare, Linux, Windows and cloud-based virtual machines. 
  • Designed and supported the training classroom-in-a-box server appliance using Windows Embedded. 
  • Designed and supported the software activation code and hardware dongle licensing system. 
  • Served as white-label tech support to their students 

Babes Restaurants – Dallas/ Fort Worth area restaurant chain with 11 locations 

  • Developed gift certificate management system which printed custom serialized certificates, tracked the full life-cycle and produced management fraud reports for all restaurant locations.  

City of Oak Point, City of Aubrey, City of Pilot Point, Town of Cross Roads, Texas 

  • Full service on-site & remote tech support, web development, management of public library computer systems, firewalls, accounting systems and email. Managed police and fire department networks, servers, backup systems and software updates. 

Sole Proprietor – 2017 – Present 

  • Customized computer training for non-profits and seniors. 
  • Personal and classroom tutoring onsite & via remote screen-sharing. 

ProtectBits LLC – Owner – 2012 – 2016 

  • Technology consulting company focused on advanced remote support. 
  • WordPress web development, support and hosting, custom template design. 
  • Google G Suite sales, implementation, training & support.  

Fortress Computer Service, LLC – Owner – 2004-2012 

  • 230 small business, residential and government clients. 
  • Tech support, training, software development, virus removal, network and general IT support. 
  • Monthly service contracts for small business, city government offices, public libraries. 
  • Manage data backup systems onsite and offsite, reseller of GFI and Intronis solutions. 

Levi Strauss & Co. – Senior Programmer III – 2001 – 2004  

  • Team leader and web application developer. 24/7 support for real-time inventory tracking system. 
  • Designed unit tests from requirements, supervised user acceptance testing. 

BSI Consulting – Senior Consultant – 2000 – 2001  

  • Web application (ASP and MS-SQL) developer. Lead developer of iTeam sports management system. 
  • Supervised integration tests and deployment to production.  

Micrografx / Corel – Webmaster – 1999 – 2000  

  • Webmaster of multi-lingual product marketing website for graphics software company. 
  • Developed web content management system. Mentored junior programmers in best practices.  

Fast-Tax / Thomson Reuters – Technical Specialist – 1992 – 1999  

  • Developed CD-ROM and web-based training used by the Big Four national accounting firms.  
  • Developed custom Lotus Notes defect tracking & training development content management systems.  
  • Designed product walkthroughs and technology demonstrations for executives and user conferences.  


  • Self-study and employer sponsored training relevant to job role throughout career. 
  • Computer Science program, Eastfield Community College, Dallas, TX.  

Volunteer Activities 

  • Maintain website for local non-profit orgs and provide IT consulting. 
  • Implement and train local non-profits on Slack, Google Team Drive and data security procedures. 
  • Weekly Computer Support & Training for Seniors of Charlotte County 
  • 2010 – 2012 – Secretary and Board Member, Children’s Vision for Tomorrow 
  • 2009 – 2011 – Board Member – Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club 
  • 2010 – Leukemia Cup Regatta co-chair – Dallas, Texas