Disclaimer: This is preliminary data based on the December 2018 voter history extract, which is quite inaccurate for prior elections. The map will be updated when I locate the historical DVDs from 2014 and 2016 or another correct data source. In the meantime, comments on the user interface are welcome.

I’ve created a data exploration tool that maps key statistics for the Florida 2018 General Election data against the 2016  and 2014 elections. In total, this tool allows you to quickly navigate between 56 different maps. It’s been an interesting user-interface challenge to present and map all this information. I have tested this on Mac, Windows, and Android. Please send feedback and bug reports to david@fortc.com.

How to Use the Map Explorer

  • Click any county or drag the red marker. The statistics table will update with data for that county. 
  • Click any data cell in the statistics table to load a new map based on that statistic. 
  • Hover over any data cell for a text description of that statistic.
  • Hover over any county to see how it compares to the selected county.
  • Use Compare to in the upper left of the statistics table to compare 2018 to either 2014 or 2016.
  • There are three toggles in the lower right:
    • Highlight similar counties will switch the map into highlight mode. In this mode, clicking a county will highlight all other counties that fall into the same quantile. The color legend will also highlight, indicating the selected quantile. You may also click the color legend to highlight counties.
    • Show state data will expand the table to show additional state-wide statistics. These additional cells don’t have maps.
    • Show all values will show additional raw statistics.


  • Data navigation is custom JavaScript developed by David Finster using:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Docker
    • Grunt
    • jQuery.js
    • D3.js
    • intro.js
  • Data import and validation: SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS), PowerShell
  • Database design: SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Data analysis: Excel, DAX / Power Pivot & Power Query.
  • GIS: QGIS & mapbox

Data Sources

  • Registered Voter Data 12/2018 Extract File, Florida Division of Elections
  • USA outline and water features are © OpenStreetMap & © Mapbox and used under license.