Four years ago, I decided to convert my Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder by removing the espresso doser and making a doserless chute. Rancilio makes a chute, but I didn’t like the design. I can report that I’ve been using my grinder with this chute for a few years now, and it’s excellent.

Here is my design and a short step-by-step.

First – remove the doser. You’ll have to disassemble the grinder to get to the screws from the inside.

With the doser removed, you’ll see there is a gap in the bean chute. Grounds will fall into the grinder if we don’t fix this. I ordered the plug used on the doserless model from espressoparts.com.




Inspired by a salt container, I designed this spout. The grid squares are 2 mm. The dark lines are cut lines, the light lines are fold lines.


Here’s the finished product. I made it from a piece of aluminum sheet. I think it was 23 gauge.




I drilled a couple pilot holes and screwed it on with sheet metal screws.




This chute provides easy access for cleaning and no static build-up. The Rancilio official chute is plastic and is difficult to access for cleaning.