Custom Stratocaster 

My favorite guitar, customized. When I bought it the pickguard, knobs and pickup covers were all white. I swapped them out for black. I shielded the interior with copper foil and upgraded to locking tuners. I switched out the bridge saddles to GraphTek StringSavers. This is an American made […]

Rancilio Rocky Doserless Conversion

  Four years ago, I decided to convert my Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder by removing the espresso doser and making a doserless chute. Rancilio makes a chute, but I didn’t like the design. I can report that I’ve been using my grinder with this chute for a few […]

Yamaha THR10 Guitar Amp Repair

I found out the hard way that the Yamaha THR10 guitar amp has a fragile power plug. Mine fell off a table, the cord yanked, and the power plug shattered. My favorite travel amp was dead. The internal power plug is hard-soldered to to an internal PCB. It’s […]

Make Photoshop faster on a budget?

A reader sent me a question: I’m a semi-retired freelancing graphic designer, currently using a desktop HP Pavilion P6-2114 with an Intel processor (i3-2120), Intel HD Graphics 2000 with an Nvidia graphics card (GeForce GT520). I work in Photoshop 3D and it’s really slow, with only 8G of […]

Punta Gorda to Key West

We left Punta Gorda in high spirits, ready to start the trip. The sail out past Boca Grande was lovely. I got this great shot of Gayle near sunset. Then, the front hit. That’s not what you want to see… The next 12 hours were… …interesting. No photos […]