Rancilio Rocky Doserless Conversion

  Four years ago, I decided to convert my Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder by removing the espresso doser and making a doserless chute. Rancilio makes a chute, but I didn’t like the design. I can report that I’ve been using my grinder with this chute for a few […]

Yamaha THR10 Guitar Amp Repair

I found out the hard way that the Yamaha THR10 guitar amp has a fragile power plug. Mine fell off a table, the cord yanked, and the power plug shattered. My favorite travel amp was dead. The internal power plug is hard-soldered to to an internal PCB. It’s […]

Make Photoshop faster on a budget?

A reader sent me a question: I’m a semi-retired freelancing graphic designer, currently using a desktop HP Pavilion P6-2114 with an Intel processor (i3-2120), Intel HD Graphics 2000 with an Nvidia graphics card (GeForce GT520). I work in Photoshop 3D and it’s really slow, with only 8G of […]

Key West, Florida

As part of our week sailing, we stopped off in Key West. The sky was on fire the first night. Very impressive, the photos don’t tell the story. The next day we did some sightseeing as well.  

Punta Gorda to Key West

We left Punta Gorda in high spirits, ready to start the trip. The sail out past Boca Grande was lovely. I got this great shot of Gayle near sunset. Then, the front hit. That’s not what you want to see… The next 12 hours were… …interesting. No photos […]